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PLING KONG RECORDINGS is an independent record label owned by Norwegian film- and stage composer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Myhr. We are releasing his different projects like film scores, solo albums and related band projects. The records are aimed at the new era of digital distribution, and can be found on all leading digital music services, like Spotify, TIDAL, iTunes, Google Play,  Amazon, and many others. PLING KONG RECORDINGS is distributed by Musikkoperatørene AS.


PLING KONG himself is a creature of the woods, caught between an image of extreme machoism that comes with being a male gorilla, and an inescapable urge to play the triangle. This inner conflict causes severe personality disorder which makes him very dangerous. If treated right however, his role is solely to serve as mascot and symbol of Pling Kong Recordings. Always present at the PLING KONG press conferences, Pling Kong is ready to strike a pling whenever needed.


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